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Wealth Inequality in the US

A very interesting video on the inequality of wealth in the US..

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EU Implements Bonus Caps

The European Parliament voted in a change to the EU’s Capital Requirements Directive which, from 2014,  will cap bonuses for senior Asset Management staff at bank-owned Fund Management firms at 100 per cent of their base salary (or 200 per cent with shareholder approval). An earlier vote, in June, has already capped bankers’ bonuses to double […]

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Low Income Families in Suffolk hit hardest by Council Tax hikes

A recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, reported in the Ipswich Post  by Matt Stott, highlighted that  changes earlier this year to how council tax is funded is “making the poor poorer”. From 1 April this year, around 30,800 Suffolk families had to pay up to 9% of their 2013/14 council tax bill for […]

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Impact of inequality on Heart Disease

People living in the most deprived parts of Ipswich are up to three times more likely to die from heart disease than those from more affluent areas of Suffolk.     An article published by the Ipswich Star’s Lizzie Parry last year highlights the vast health inequalities between Suffolk’s rich and poor. She found that […]

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How would YOU divide the wealth?

A new website by the Economic Policy Institute, based in the US, with an animated presentation on inequality in the US – which has followed a similar pattern to inequality in the UK .  It allows you to decide: How you think wealth ought to be divided; and How you think the wealth actually is […]

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How Much Inequality?

An interesting article by Dan Little on “How much Inequality is too much?”: After looking at various economic and philosophical points of view,  “Answers range from Gracchus Babeuf  (all inequalities are unjust)  to Ayn Rand (there is no moral limit on the extent of inequalities a society can embody)”,  he concludes: We have lots of […]

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Inequality and the Housing Market

A report published in March 2013 by Savills, the UK Property Agents, highlights the inequalities in the UK housing market.  The report states: With a market dominated by high house prices and increasing loan-to-income mortgages, access to equity is key.   Unfortunately access to equity is constrained by income and financial wealth inequality and has […]

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UK Most Unequal Country in the West

According to a report in the Independent Newspaper in July, a report issued by the United Nations’ Human Development Programme said that Britain is now the most unequal country in the Western world.  The gap between rich and poor is as great as in Nigeria. Detailed statistics  also demonstrate that inequality has grown sharply during Conservative rule […]

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I have met Pre-distribution. It Wears Clogs, Eats Chocolate, and Works Part-Time.

Originally posted on Alexandre Afonso:
“Predistribution” is Labour’s new policy buzzword. It’s been all over the news. Policy Network has events and publications about it, the BBC talks about it, Ed Milliband talks about it, David Cameron ridicules it. Predistribution is supposed to be the new silver bullet for the centre-left, the agenda that will both…

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Q&A with Richard Wilkinson

Here is a related Q&A Session with Richard, following his TED Talk

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