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How would YOU divide the wealth?

A new website by the Economic Policy Institute, based in the US, with an animated presentation on inequality in the US – which has followed a similar pattern to inequality in the UK .  It allows you to decide: How you think wealth ought to be divided; and How you think the wealth actually is […]

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UK Most Unequal Country in the West

According to a report in the Independent Newspaper in July, a report issued by the United Nations’ Human Development Programme said that Britain is now the most unequal country in the Western world.  The gap between rich and poor is as great as in Nigeria. Detailed statistics  also demonstrate that inequality has grown sharply during Conservative rule […]

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Richard Wilkinson on “Why Inequality Matters”

From the TED Talks web site:  “For decades, Richard Wilkinson has studied the social effects of income inequality and how social forces affect health.  In The Spirit Level, a book co-authored with Kate Pickett, he lays out reams of statistical evidence that, among developed countries, societies that are more equal – with a smaller income gap between […]

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