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Inequality & Hidden Needs in Suffolk

The majority of people living in Suffolk enjoy a good quality of life and the county is typically seen as a fairly prosperous part of the UK – hence deprivation or need is usually not widely recognised or addressed.  But a report commissioned by the Suffolk Foundation in 2011 by the University of Cambridge found that: Nearly 78,000 people in […]

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Inequalities in Suffolk

A report published in 2011, published by Insight East, the Economics Intelligence Centre for the  East of England (which now appear to be defunct), highlighted the particular problem of  income inequality in Suffolk. To quote the report: The broader economic success of the East of England region masks local disparities.  The East of England contains […]

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Spirit Level Documentary

Based around the best-selling book The Spirit Level, this film will look at how the rising gap between rich and poor has impacted on our societies. How has it risen? Why does it impact on society? And could greater equality really benefit everyone, even the rich? They will talk to people from around the world, […]

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In a rush? The Spirit Level in 3 minutes.

This film was made to promote the book The Spirit Level  by the puppeteers Karey Fisher, Tinca Leahy and Babycakes Romero

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Richard Wilkinson on “Why Inequality Matters”

From the TED Talks web site:  “For decades, Richard Wilkinson has studied the social effects of income inequality and how social forces affect health.  In The Spirit Level, a book co-authored with Kate Pickett, he lays out reams of statistical evidence that, among developed countries, societies that are more equal – with a smaller income gap between […]

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Q&A with Richard Wilkinson

Here is a related Q&A Session with Richard, following his TED Talk

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