Why worry about inequality?

Why More Equality?

Quite simply:  in rich (ie. developed) countries,  research has shown that a smaller gap between rich and poor means a happier, healthier, and more successful population.

Here are 13 specific reasons, referring to research on The Equality Trust‘s web site, why this is the case:

1.      Child Well-being

Unicef measures of child well-being are better in more equal societies.

2.     Drug Abuse

People in more equal societies are less likely to use illegal drugs.

3.     Education

Children do better at school in more equal societies.

4.     Equality and Global Warming

Inequality fuels status competition, individualism and consumerism.

5.     Equality Not Growth

Further economic growth will not improve our health or well-being. For a better quality of life we need greater income equality.

6.     Imprisonment

Unequal societies are harsher, they imprison a higher proportion of people.

7.       Mental Health

People in more equal societies are far less likely to experience mental illness.

 8.     Obesity

Obesity is less common in more equal societies.

9.     Physical Health

People in more equal societies live longer, a smaller proportion of children die in infancy and self-rated health is better.

10. Rich and Poor Countries

More equal societies spend a higher proportion their income on overseas aid and perform better on the Global Peace Index.

11.   Social Mobility

There is more social mobility in more equal societies.

12.  Teenage Births

Teenage motherhood is less common in more equal societies.

13.  Violence

Homicide rates are lower and children experience less violence in more equal societies.

When you think about it, these things are already pretty self-evident; they are the reasons why newspapers and politicians keep referring to ‘broken Britain’.

But, the exciting thing about identifying the causes of these social evils, is that we have a clear way to fix them.  This is what we, and other like-minded groups around the country, are trying to achieve.

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